Liberty National Agency Owner
Tim Aderholt - Gainesville, GA

Video Transcript - My name is Tim Aderholt, and I’ve been with Liberty National for 28 years. Twenty-eight years ago, my neighbor convinced me to go in for an interview. I had actually rented a small home from her. She had joined Liberty [...] Read More

This is THE Opportunity of a Lifetime. Just ask our Agents and Managers making six-figure incomes. Yes, you read that right. Six figures. At Liberty National Life Insurance Company, YOUR hard work determines how much YOU earn. Not who you know or how much time you put in. The chance to earn a lot of money AND help people while doing it. That’s why we call it The Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Liberty National
Agency Owner

Tim Aderholt

Gainesville, GA
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Tim Aderholt is no stranger to the successes Liberty National Life Insurance Company offers its hardworking Agents. An Agency Owner of one of the most successful Agencies in the Company, Tim is a recurring member of the Council of Champions, has been in Torch Club more than 20 times, and his Agency has been the Company Leader in total sales six times. Before finding his success with Liberty National, Tim worked as an assistant service manager at an auto dealership for eight years. He says his neighbor and landlord recruited him to join LNL, which turned out to be […] Read More